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Monday, 28 March 2011

Some wriOting.

So, the streets of London were full of protesters, the numbers vary depending on who’s telling the tale, but there were quite a few looking at the pictures on TV and in the papers, many were public sector workers on a day out with their families, no doubt concerned about the impending job cuts, for some people it was the first demo they’d been on. It all seemed very middle class, the £25,000 undeserving we’re poor brigade. It was all going spiffingly well until those nasty naughty troublemaking anarchists decided to take some direct action.

We live in a violent society were the state kills protestors and tries to cover it up; lest we forget Ian Tomlinson. Our children are bombarded by images on DVD’s, while bricks were being thrown through bank windows bombs rained down on Libya, the fighting continues in Iraq and Afghanistan, as paint is poured over a policeman there’s a kid in his bedroom with a Playstation or X Box; shooting, punching and kicking a virtual enemy, all this must be thoughtful violence, because when people take their frustration, anger and rage out on symbols of power and wealth it is described by the media as being mindless violence.

If the clean up is gonna cost £1 million then so be it, I’d rather pay for that than some poxy census or missiles for regime change, unfortunately we end up paying for everything whether we like it or not, as some of those first time marchers are gonna find out when they can’t afford their foreign holidays, or the up keep on their second car. From Marks and Spencer’s to Poundland; go past go, do not collect £200! and some of the toffy nosed rioters, are gonna find out what it’s like to get on the wrong side of the law, I wonder if mummy and daddy are gonna post their bail or pay the fines? I’m sure not all those who were rioting came from a privileged back ground, but ….If this is a class war, who’s fighting who?

Any action that involves violence not prescribed by the state or consumer market is gonna be denounced as bad and unacceptable, but it’s something that we need to accept will happen, that’s the nature of the beast. The media report the facts by manipulating the truth, and the truth is, the powers that be are scared that what’s happened on these recent demonstrations is affecting Britain’s image abroad and may put people off coming to London for The Royal Wedding or The Olympics, but more to the point…they are scared that the bricks will be flying and fires are gonna be burning at both those events, they are fearing the fear and are planning to use anti terrorist laws to stop and search suspect people in London in a bid to stop any violence. Oh the irony….the SUS laws in the 70’s and 80’s saw a large number of black people stopped because of the colour of their skin, now in 2011 everybody who’s dressed all in black and attending a protest stands a good chance of being stopped and searched ….because after all in the medias eyes that’s what an anarchist looks like.

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Chris Ripple said...


Oh so left wing… Politically correct
We’re going on the demo’ then we’ll go get wrecked
Probably hit a copper or club him with a brick
Mindless fascist bastard like the rest of ‘em down the nick
It’s not that I like violence or want to cause some pain
I just hate the bloody Tories so I’m marching once again
We’ll join the other marchers and it don’t matter much for what
‘Cos we’re actually doing something to get our views across
and ‘cos I hate the fuckin’ Tories and their stinkin’ capitalist state
I’m goin’ on the demo’… Gonna smash the things I hate
It’s not that I’m some mindless git… At least I’ve got a job
But I bet the Tory media still label me a yob
And when we’ve finished marching and the flames in the street grow higher
We’ll watch highlights on the plasma with our loved ones ‘round the fire…

And that’s the way the world goes ‘round that’s the way it goes
When you’re so ‘right on’ politically, it always comes to blows…

Recycled from September 1994 because the mindless fuckers don’t deserve a new one