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Friday, 11 March 2011

JOHNNY THUNDERS - Live @ The Hope and Anchor, London 21/4/82

Here’s another show from Johnny Thunders stay in London during 1982. This one was at The Hope and Anchor, in April 1982. Some of the tracks were released on the Wanted: Dead Or Alive - Reward $10 bootleg album, this tape is a different source and was recorded by a mate of mine in the audience. Johnny is on fine form, or as fine as Johnny is depending on yer point of view.
After asking for some more reverberation Thunders first words are to a heckler, ”Hey scumbag, shove it up yer mothers left nut” before launching into Alone In A Crowd, quite a bit of crowd interaction, Johnny even gets political asking the punters what they think about The Falklands and Nuclear Weapons. For reasons long forgotten, I never went to any of these 1982 gigs, and had to wait until Oct 1983 at The Lyceum for my first hit of Johnny live, still ranks as one of the best gigs I’ve been to….ever! Pretty much saw most of his London gigs since then, and a fair few around the country and had the privilege of promoting an acoustic show of his in 1990 in Stevenage. What made him special as a performer for me was that no gig was ever the same, depending on his mood and state of mind, but they were all pure and honest. Johnny Thunders was the real deal!


Alltid Rött Alltid Rätt said...

First time for me with Thunders was the same year but in Stockholm in June, the day after the Costa Nostra Never Sleeps gig. He was stoned and drunk and could hardly perform any good at all. But I was dead happy since it was my first gig of anything ever, that wasnt a local band in a cellar. I loved it!



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pipeline said...

Just D/L’ed this, thanks Nuzz. I initially didn’t see the bit about it being from a different source. The bass sounds much more to the fore here. Some of the audience comments are far less audible, whilst some that aren’t on the other version are picked up. Interesting to hear this one from a different perspective.

Anonymous said...

Another rare gem!ive been watching your blog for quite a time and always waiting for new JT stuff for you to post,man youre an endless source of cool!this is probably the best blog on the net in my opinion!!i got education from here!!Greece supports you!!!

luggy said...

Remember being at this gig, great to see him in a sweaty dive.

Anonymous said...

Can you repost this one please? Thank you