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Tuesday, 1 March 2011


I was gonna suggest that the good folk of Britain boycott the 2012 London Games, but after seeing the prices….a good many people aint gonna be able afford to go. The cheapest price is £20, but…. that’s not for a whole day in the stadium, that’s just for a couple of hours; watching a heat of the athletics and some Javelin throwing, if you wanna stay and watch some more, that’s another £20 for another couple of hours, and when it gets to the finals the price races up to £50.…Rip Off Britain can fuck off! Still at least the proles can watch it on TV because I should imagine there’s gonna be blanket coverage and you aint gonna be able to go out with out being reminded of the games, and how it’s great that we’ve won a gold medal, and shouldn’t we be proud of what a great nation we are. Yeah right Great Fuckin’ Britain a shining example of Democracy, where London mayor Boris Johnson wants the peace camp at Parliament Square to be gone by the time the games open, can’t let the world see that people aint happy in the Green and pleasant lands.
In a bid to increase Britain’s standing in the world of realpolitik, politicians from all parties have embraced the spending of millions of pounds of taxpayers money on a couple of weeks of friendly international competition ; a world war fought on running tracks, in swimming pools and gymnasiums, were there’s only room for winners.
No doubt the sportswear manufacturers will be gearing up ready to sell even more tracksuits and lycra to the unhealthy unsporting proles joining in the sportification of society. Still if it encourages young people to get involved that can’t be a bad thing can it? Well that’s if they get the chance, because thanx to the cunts and their cuts, the same people that have backed the games, there’s lots of funding being taken away from not just sports programs for the young but youth services in general. The Government’s hoping the private sector will fill the gap, which is all well and good if people can afford the services. If not there’s gonna be a lot of losers, and a small elite of winners. Pretty much like life in general in a free market liberal democracy where we pay for what they give us.

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