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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

THE ALARM - Live in Liverpool 2000

Right then, it's been a while since there's been any music on this here blog, haven't got the caperbilities on the laptop to zip it up and upload it, and with my pending Windows re-install I'm currently transferring stuff to an external hard drive. but I did check out my MediaFire page and found a couple of things that I hadn't got round to posting, so here's a little something for yer.

The Alarm were one of those bands often maligned by the critics as a Welsh Clash, when by rights they were The Alarm, “the Sex Pistols taught ‘em how to play, and the Clash how to dress.“ They were one of those bands that as they matured some of their songs started sounding a bit pompous and overblown and went of into extended guitar solo rock histronics territory, those ones like Moments In Time, Rain In The Summertime for example sent me running to the hills. Their earlier tunes Marching On, Majority and The Stand were of a far better short sharp shock quality. The Alarm re-formed in 2000, I say reformed, but it was really just Mike Peters resurrecting the name and reigniting the old songs with a fresh spark, helped out by James Stevenson from Chelsea, Gen X and Gene Loves Jezebel on Guitar, Craig Adams from The Mission on bass and Steve Grantley from Stiff Little Fingers on Drums. This two disc download captures the band in Liverpool, blasting through a mighty fine and powerfull greatest hits set, with some songs sounding better than the originals. If yer an Alarm fan I'm sure you'll enjoy this, if not....I'm sorry but that's all there is....All cards have been delt. Disc 1 / Disc 2

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biopunk said...

Great sound!

Cheers Nuzz!