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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Can't read all about it....

So then, some peoples sacred cow The News Of The World has been sacrificed on the alter of bullshit, in a bid by Rupert Murdoch to keep his dream of global media domination alive. In true dictatorial fashion, the innocent are paying for the crimes of the guilty, with journalists who weren't working for the paper at the time of the crime losing their jobs. This man is evil and rotten, so it's no wonder that some of those who worked for News Of The World, behaved in the way they did. If truth is the sword, then Murdoch, his son James and the ghastly Rebbecca Brookes need their heads chopping off! as does every politician that's kissed their arses, in a bid to keep their popularity alive, their actions over the years have just increased the power of News International, to the point when it's unelected profiteers like Rupert Murdoch that actually run the country and dictate Government policies by shaping public opinion, and as we have seen their methods are just as deplorable as the politicians. So what can people do if they aint happy with someone like Murdoch? He might not have been voted into power, but the consumers have elected him through their purchase power, so they can vote by canceling their SKY TV Subscriptions, stop buying The Sun and The Times and having anything to do with his organisation, other than decrease its profits.

On the subject of money, with the news that energy prices are gonna be rising, perhaps people should burn all the useless shit that they bought but didn't need, the new kitchen, the new sofa etc, etc, or cut down on their use of their electrical gadgets, it's no wonder peoples energy consumption has risen in the Wee-Fi Play Box 360 flat screen world they are living in. Failing that, stock up on copies of the last edition of The News Of The World, and burn them to keep warm this winter. The truth is that just like Murdoch's organisation, the energy providers need to be held to account, when they're putting the price up on supplies they bought at a cheaper price two years ago. Can't pay? Don't pay! or at least spread the payments at a price you can afford, not at the price they tell you you can afford!


Chris Ripple said...

As somebody old enough to remember the 1967/68 busts that were set up by the 'News of the Screws', and since this is also a musical site, I'd just like to say that I reckon Mick and Keith of the Rolling Stones have probably got the biggest cheshire cat grins on their faces right now...

The News of The World has gone and fucking good riddance !

Lee said...

I can't miss the NOTW because I've never ever bought it, I used to buy the Sun when I was a hormonal teen 'cos it had tits in it (and the footie results) but as I neared 20 it's Tory scum loving editorials became to much to bear and I've never wasted another penny on any of them since.
The only thing this last week seems to have shown is that to achieve anything, pressure must be put on the companies that pay the advertising revenues to these publications.
I seriously doubt anything would have changed if all those advertisers hadn't pulled out and hit Murdoch's pocket.

Anonymous said...

There s a War coming soon and THIS IS VERY VERY GOOD !!!
History repeating as usual and things will be clearer,after some million killing of course...
I m fucking MAD and i love to see stupids DIE for their stupid life s decisions till the day this War starts.
Life Is Thinking,Feeling,Loving.
Anyone who forgot it MUST GO TO HELL !!
This is the Real Page !!!

Anonymous said...

Cameron palpably backward about coming foreword over all this, still prattling away about 'The Big Society' whilst the political and public agenda was fast slipping away from him and opinion mounting towards tipping point against NI.

Inquiries, investigations, reports, Commons motions, debates, Blah blah blah. No doubt from all of which…”lessons will be learned’. What about some actual fucking criminal procedures! Smoke and mirrors and attempted softening of allegations all underway by interested parties. That’s because the Politicians, NI, and Old Bill, i.e. 'The Establishment', are “All in this together’. What a fucking shower.

And what will all those no-brains who bought the rag every week do now I wonder. Why, buy The Sun On Sunday of course.