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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Hacked Off.

My computer's back, it had more viruses than an NHS Hospital ward, they've all been erased, but it still aint running right so it looks like I'm gonna have to re-install windows at some point very soon, so the sporadic nature of the recent weeks postings; lack of music and visuals will be continuing for the foreseeable future.

On the subject of viruses and unwanted infections....It looks like the News Of The World really is The Scum, with all the phone hacking furore that's going on, these latest revelations about families of murder victims and war dead really are unbelievable, on one level, yet totally believable on another and it's more ammunition to use against Rupert Murdoch in his bid to take control of the mass media market. The Police and The Politicians are no better, the former accepting money from the paper for information and the later sucking up to the paper. Then there's the public, who didn't give a shit about phone tapping/hacking when it was The Celebrities or Politicians who were the targets, now it's 'real people' well all, of a sudden everyones got an opinion, and they're the fuckers who've been buying the papers and in part justifying the journalists actions in obtaining 'the story' because the public like gossip and scandal and living other peoples lives, rather than their own. Just one final thought....What if these latest allegations against Murdoch's foot soldiers aren't true? and it turns out that News International are just carrying on the pretence in order to show just how much people believe what they are told by the media! Highly unlikely I know, but like I said it's just a thought and who knows who or what to believe in their world of double speak.

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It's a **** thing said...

You might like this Nuzz, http://itsaxxxxthing.blogspot.com/2011/07/13-tombs-kill-socialist-dream.html but meanwhile regarding NI.
Do you know what really pisses me off.
The fact that the great British public can get their knickers in a twist over NOTW hacking murder victims families while that was all about getting an edge on other newspapers, and then barely giving a shit about the hacking of politicos phones where the info garnered could give NI the leverage to push policies about that would have an impact on us all.
Info is power, and with it in their hands there would certainly be some opportunities to get politicians to fall into the RM way of thinking.
Now don't get me wrong. The first is an odious act carried out by immoral wankers, but the later is simply fuckin dangerous for us all.