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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


I was reading this weeks NME on the bus to work the other day (Journey time ½ Hour, reading time 10 minutes) I buy it each week, fuck knows why, it aint what it used to be, and it seems to be getting worse, more adverts, uninteresting writing and new bands every week, saying nothing, doing nothing and going nowhere, just trying to kiss the arse of the music biz, and I thought….this is shite, I need something to excite me musically. I got home from work and found the postman had delivered a package….A promo copy of Roscoe Vacant and The GantinScreichs debut album Reckurdt. Available in August on Newtown Products on CD and Digital Download. If the name Roscoe Vacant sounds familiar, it may be because I posted a couple of his earlier recordings a while back, several which have been reworked for this album. It would appear that these were/are just tasters for the main course….A rich and tasty plate full of…. for want of some better words Alternative-Punk. Reckurdt is a brutal, beautiful and brilliant record by West Scotland’s finest.
The guitars are spikier than a hedgehog on heat, and more scratchy than scabies, vocals are delivered with a feral howl of Scottish passion. This is fast, frantic and furious stuff. Twelve tracks that range from the skiffle folk-punk of Non Repentant, to the Punkabilly of Dehydration Blues, via the Bass Punk Funk of Pins and Needles, to the anthem for the barricades Nothings Gonna Change, then there’s the almost Pop Punk of Shortbread Tins and Tartan Hats.
The songs and sounds on Rekurdt tear into yer brain, then rip out yer spine before giving you the kiss of life. Painting by numbers, but using the wrong colours, tunes that tick all the boxes, before jumping on the box and flattening it. A great album that kicks arse rather than kissing it, and keeps the flames of insurrection burning bright. People should be listening to this, not those bastard Mumford and Sons.
Roscoe Vacant is a songwriter, that shouldn’t be housed in some Alt- Punk ghetto, because this stuff is diverse enough for people that like Bloc Party and The Gaslight Anthem, and those that remember the sounds of 80’s Post Punk bands like Scars and Gang of Four. This is some New Music that’s got me Excited. Highly and hugely recommenced!

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