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Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The 10th anniversary/remembrance of 9/11 is nearly upon us. Time flies when yer having fun! A lot has happened in the 10 years since war was declared on terror. The global economy for one has taken a battering. It doesn’t take an economist to work out that wars are expensive, or a mathematician to tell us that the estimated cost of post 9/11 wars $4 Trillion is a lot of money. I’m neither an economist or mathematician, but I think that this sort of expense by the USA and the UK over the last ten years may have had some effect on the present global financial crisis. That and people living beyond their means Which begs a question Who’s actually winning the war on terror? when people with the fear of unemployment are too scared to spend on the high street, in case their families finances come crashing down around them. Apparently this lack of spending isn’t good for economic growth. Politicians preach austerity but paradoxically still want people to part with their pounds and pence. Fear of terror has seen civil liberties threatened in the name of security, while around the world societies foundations are shaking. So what do our leaders do? They get us involved in more military action in Libya, great….there goes a few more million pounds/dollars up in smoke. Well….lets hope the cost in human life from the Twin Towers, to the civilians and soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq has been worth it. Somehow I don’t think it will have been. Human life is cheap in global politriks and there’s plenty to spend, and other terrors to be sorted out in a world where political leaders are the real terrorists. Iran and North Korea in 10 years time?


undeadboy said...

Strange how the "War on terror" only began after 9/11, where as many Americans happily donated to the IRA before then, and the US government armed the Taliban when they were fighting the Russians in the 80s.
Iran have gone quiet lately and I can't see America having a go at North Korea, as the Koreans have the weapons and manpower to fight back!

Anonymous said...

The war on terror was in place before 9/11 it was just called national security aslo Nuzz as you say - you are no economist! Those trillions have been used to pay for private security, overseas investment and actually may have softened the financial crisis! byt giving people jobs in the defence industry, we may not like it but it outs food in peoples mouths

the equalizer

nekrodad said...

the equalizer is right, undeadboy come on dont be a buffoon. And yes you are my true friend brother. But if you dont live in the USA you really have no idea. Only what you hear and read. And most of that is word of mouth anyway.

So, how are you Nuzzy? Missied you and your ramblings. But since our last talk I have heard the devil calllin again. But all is well these days.

Anonymous said...

Prowlin wolfy wolf from project entropia?