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Sunday, 18 September 2011

A Snapshot and Some Scrambled Scribblings.

So then 10 years since 9/11 has been and gone. No Al-Qaeda celebratory attacks on the West then, despite the anticipation. The war on terror will only be won when people have conquered their fears. So long as people believe they have something to fear they will continue to be scared. It’s a way to control the people. Fear sells, and people are buying. After the first Gulf War, The Hummer became the motor vehicle of choice, to many Americans, it made them feel safe and secure. Sales soared and other similar large vehicles started being mass produced across the world, 4x4’s, off road vehicles etc. Now it’s all about surveillance systems, to keep people safe in their place of work, at home and on the streets. Fear has invaded our freedom. Big Brother might tell you he’s watching out for terrorists, but the reality is he can watch out for whatever he wants. Electronic tags for kids, keeps them safe from paedophiles, military technology produced for the paranoid consumer market. You’re never alone with a mobile phone.
Rejoice and come all ye faithful consumers, to Britain’s largest retail cathedral, Westfield in Stratford East London, right near the 2012 Olympic Stadium. 10,000 jobs have been created, and it’s great for the economy apparently. Some might say it’s good that people are employed producing and selling all the products. I say there’s too much stuff, without all the products there’d be no need for the pursuit of money to spend on products, because there’d be less stuff in the market place to purchase.
Just because things create jobs it doesn’t naturally mean it’s good. Clothes for young children….it’s taken years for people to realise that it wasn’t good to dress children as mini-adults in clothes that sexualized them at a young age. The writing was on the wall with the Spice Girls and their branded girl power. Shit sells!
Playing with peoples fears for profit. The fear of getting old, going bald and body insecurity. The market is full of anti aging creams, beauty products for women to hide behind and cures for hair loss. Why bother….deal with it we get old we go bald and then we die! What a waste of money trying to slow down the process. The only reason people feel the need to feel good about themselves, is because all the time they’re being made to feel bad about themselves through big businesses partners in crime….The media, with its images of the beautiful people and adverts for the ugly products! Talking of ugly people and products….Wayne Rooney pays £30,000, twice what I (and millions of others) earn in a year on a hair transplant….and still looks like a cunt!
I know the seasons are getting messed up with the changing weather, but as far as I’m aware Christmas is in December. So why then are supermarkets and shops getting their displays ready and Christmas stock out in December? (One of today’s Sunday papers is seducing people with the offer of Fabulous Free Christmas Gifts if you join their Christmas reward club.) Let me guess….It’s good for the economy! Well….Fuck their economy!! I aint religious, but this takes away any meaning from anything other than complete consumption capitalism. That’s the only god people worship, and the powers that we let be are happy for it to be like this. Shopping is the heroin of the people. A blind devotion and addiction to a hollow and empty gospel where nothing means anything anymore, and the only bible is the Argos catalogue.


Anonymous said...

Hey Nuzz

Yeah the got us scared! I'm scared of students who riot, eating something passed its sell by date and having to work in Mcshit on min-wage. That Iggy Pop advert scared me the most...I changed my insurance!

I think CCTV is great! How else would we get all of those great TV programmes based on people being caught out! And these programmes are so cheap to make; just need someone to voice over and thats it! Pity the Peoples Princess couldn't have voiced her own car crash in that french tunnel, that would have been fantastic!

Yep, too much stuff but thank god for the laptop!

the equaliser

undeadboy said...

Wayne Rooney's a cunt whatever his hair looks like!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Nice one equaliser,indeed he is undeadboy.