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Saturday, 3 September 2011

More Rambling Rantings.

The ethnic cleansing, or eviction as the powers that be are calling it of the ‘illegal’ Dale Farm travellers site in Crays Hill Essex is just another example of Britain’s slow slide towards being a rather un-free democracy.
The Criminal Justice and Public Order Act of 1994 made it impossible for travellers to travel, and took away the duty of councils to provide sites for them, so they have been buying land and building communities on it, often without planning permission, but when a large percentage of planning applications by travellers are turned down, is it any wonder they build illegal homes, especially as other ‘green belt land’ has been developed for housing. Seems like there’s one law for some people and another for others. We can see that with the disproportionate sentencing by the courts for those involved in the recent riots, compared with what MP’s received for ‘looting’ our money under the guise of expenses.
Here are a few more examples of how our democracy is being threatened.
Post riot paranoia has seen the banning not just of a English Defence League march, but any marches in London for next 30 days. Parliament Square peace camp being shut down. An official counter terrorism notice has seen The Met Police encouraging people to report anarchists to the authorities.
The clampdown continues. Just because we have a ‘democratically elected government’ doesn’t mean we are not getting closer and closer to living in a totalitarian dictatorship, it’s just that the majority of people can’t see it, or are happy being told what to do and what to think, or they are too scared to do anything. Unlike the various people gathering at Dale Farm to support the travellers, or the Pro Palestine protestors who managed to disrupt the broadcast of the Israeli Symphony Orchestras performance at the recent BBC Proms.
Human Rights at times favours the rights of some people over the rights of others and Health and Safety legislation which removes any need for individual common sense or free thinking from some situations. Treat people like they’re stupid and it wont be long before they become stupid. Take away freedoms in the name of safety and security and people won’t question anything. Label and demonize section of society as being bad and the people will believe it’s all right to have their freedoms reduced, I mean who cares if you’re followed home by CCTV because if you’ve done nothing wrong what have you got to worry about? not a good climate for people to be living in….one of fear that has been sold to them as security. Where the only people that remain secure are those in positions of power. What would really scare them is if all the groups of people who want to protest, the ones they’ve kept divided in order to rule, put their differences aside became united as one and took to the streets against this and any future government that refuses to listen to the people. Vive Le Difference! Vive Le Revolution!
The artwerk/flyer that companies this post comes from the Old Punks Never Die website.


The bogus man said...

Democratically elected government? Well, I suppose so. Never lose sight of the fact, for it is an important fact, that following the general election Cameron had absolutely no mandate to govern...until he was eventually propped up by the Lib Dems.

Anonymous said...

oh dear, you talk about rights - what about the responsibilities of travels to pay incomes tax. They use the schools we pay for, get free school meals and then get upset when we move them from land that they build on without permission! When they take on responsibilties I will give them theri rights - and dont talk to me anout fly-tpping crap all over the countryside!


Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

This is true bogus man, I wonder how bad things could have been without the Lib Dems propping them up? Equaliser, you also make fair comment, but then I would say what about the governments responsibility to the people to get the taxes from the travellers? they're quite willing to spend £18million quid to evict them.
Cheers for taking yer time to comment, and adding opinion to the subject.

Anonymous said...

Prowling wolf! That's a gas! A sheep in wolves’ clothing is more like it.