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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Paranoia Paradise,

With where I live being close to Essex, and the impending eviction at Dale Farm, my local council have decided to build barricades, I say barricades…. they’re piles of chalk, at the entrances to several of the parks in the town, in order to block access to any travellers moving in. What an eyesore, these piles of chalk are, and not just that the kids have been practising their writing and drawing skills or making a mess depending on your point of view on the pavements and paths with chalk they’ve got from the piles. Still that will be washed away in the rain, unlike the local councillors, and journalists with their paranoia and sensationalist scaremongering. In 1930's Germany the Nazi's came for the gypsies first….and people did nothing. In 2011 Britain, people are doing something....persecuting them! Sounds and looks like we're living in a Fascist State!!!!


Anonymous said...

Suggest you open up 'Nuzz Farm' then they can come and live with you...put some signs up near the chalk stacks?

no one wants these people!

the equaliser

PIL Head said...
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Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright Equaliser, it will come as no surprise that I totally disagree with your statement. ‘These people’ are people, living an alternative cultural life style, surely this should be respected, or at least understood? I understand that at times often due to the medias portrayal of travellers that their lack of respect toward ‘mainstream society’ is the real problem/issue that people have with travellers, but if you treat people like shit for long enough a minority will start acting like shit and leaving their shit everywhere. I don’t think that every traveller can be tarred with the same brush. The travelling community is just a microcosm of the bigger ’main stream community’ where there are some people that show no respect for others. I’ve got and had neighbours whose behaviour has/have been what you would call anti-social, thanks to the burocracy of the council, there’s nothing much ever been done about their behaviour, so I just live with ‘these people’ and try and address any issues that arise through talking to them.

Anonymous said...

Your point is illogical...

You say the council wont do anything about your neighbour and therefore you must want them too? So if these is true you will 'do' something when its in 'your back garden' but suddenly become Mr Liberal when its happening elsewhere.

The majority of these people leave crap everywhere and yes, actual do crap in any place a part form their caravan - some behaviours cannot be tolerated.

You talk about 'alternative life style' but from your rantings you are the most illiberal person I have every met

Get over it you are more right wing than the nazis

The Equaliser