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Thursday, 17 November 2011

FUCK THE PUBLIC SERVICES AND THEIR PENSIONS PROTEST! Some of ‘em don’t deserve the salaries they’re paid for pushing their pens and sliding their arses from meeting to meeting, with their policies they don’t adhere to in their incestuous offices and departments where it’s who you know not what you know that counts, and if your face fits. These fuckers are in charge of delivering public services some of ‘em couldn’t deliver a letter. Wonder why Local Councils and Health Services are failing the people? It’s because those with the power use it to further their own ends, rather than those of the people they are there to serve. These self serving individuals are in jobs that are well paid, the £40,000+ a year poor, unlike those on the front line, earning £15,000 doing the work and facing the public, having to make excuses for their managers incompetence and inadequacies. They’re the ones that deserve their pension, but instead they’re in fear of losing their jobs. No holidays allowed in the NHS on Nov 30th they don’t want workers taking the day off and getting paid for going on strike. I expect those on £40,000 can afford losing a days pay, but those on £15,000 probably can’t. Like I said fuck the public services and their pensions protest, cos it aint about the workers.


Anonymous said...

Taken to reading the Daily Mail then?

Kostas said...

Take a look to our last post please