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Saturday, 26 November 2011

THE OUTCASTS - 1981 Radio Session.

The Outcasts from Belfast, Northern Ireland were not yer average punk band. Their slightly flawed 1979 debut album Self Conscious Over You was a blend of catchy medical power pop and punk full of self righteous teenage angst. By the time of their second album 1982’s Blood And Thunder they’d acquired a second drummer and matured into a mutant Rock’N’Roll monster, mashing up ska reggae riffs and rock’n’roll licks with a pounding pumping rhythm. Prior to the albums release tragedy struck the band when drummer Colin was killed in a car crash. The band never fully recovered from this loss, as despite not being the best drummer, hence the addition of the second one, he was the “heart and soul of the band.” The bands final releases 1983’s magnificently atmospheric and cinematic 12" single Nowhere Left To Run and 1984’s psycho billy tinged mini album Seven Deadly Sins showed the creative energy the band had, by the time of their final single; a cover of The Stooges 1969 this had all gone and the band sadly split up in early 1985. Anyway lets rewind back to sometime in 1981 when The Outcasts recorded four songs; Machine Gun, Princes Of Oblivion, Magnom Force, Beating and Screaming for Dave Fanning’s RTE Radio show. Check it out here, DJ intros and outros include. Thanx to the original uploader of this little gem. Enjoy!


website value said...

I all most forgot about them.

Anonymous said...

Great Group.
Can I Request 'Blood & Thunder/Seven Deadly Sins' CD ?
If you can post this 2 albums on one cd,it would be fantastic.
Thank You.