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Friday, 25 November 2011

Jail Guitar Doors.

Here's some slightly old news brought to my attention by kostas one of the good people over at Hyena 76 blog spot. The former Clash bassist Paul Simonon was part of a Greenpeace activist team jailed for two weeks in June, after occupying an offshore oil rig. A week or so ago Greenpeace revealed that Simonon had joined the ship's crew anonymously, as an assistant cook.
They boarded the oil rig, maintained by one of Europe's largest oil and gas companies,Cairn Energy on June 3, to demand that Cairn produce a response plan for an oil spill. When they refused to leave they were charged with "hijacking" the oil rig. According to the Greenpeace blog, a jam session broke out while their ship was at sea. One of Simonon's fellow crew members recalls telling the professional bass player he was 'not bad' and ought to pursue music. Simonon went the entire two weeks in jail without revealing his actual identity to fellow activists. The drawing to the left was done by Paul on his cell wall.

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Beenzontoste said...

I admire him for keeping quite about who he really is, but he is mixed up with the wrong crowd. It might be all right to campaign for all things green, but when they wont admit their funding is from the super rich, and when they wish to ram `climate change` dogma down the throats of the believing masses then he is mixed up with the wrong crowd. Cold kills maaaan, try the streets, this planet a`int warming, unless, you have an agenda.