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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

More scribblings and dribblings from the cutting room floor.

Big Society, Big Policing. The clampdown continues. Threats of plastic bullets Water cannons for the unwashed.

Doom and Gloom, as we ’stare into the abyss’ or watch with interest as they try and get us out of another fine mess they got us in. They’re getting a bit scared….time for them to feel the fear, and they are….our liberal democracy, is starting to feel less liberal and more of a liability to them why else would they resort to fear and terror by threatening the use of plastic bullets at demonstrations, and rounding up a 150 people and arrest them before any crime had been committed. Forget the fact that they were members of the English Defence League, who may or may not be a fascist organisation, but who felt the force of our democratic Fascist State. I did read/hear that they may have been going to pay a visit to the Anti-Capitalist protesters camped outside St Paul’s, whether this is true or false who knows, it was reported in the media, but then we all know what they’re here to do, and whose interests they protect.

Divide and Rule another tactic of the scared.

All over the world the status quo is rocking. From Europe to The Middle East more frontlines in the war of attrition between Us and Them. Prime Ministers are falling and failing while their people are revolting….in the streets.

To paraphrase someone whose name escapes me “They may have the guns, but we’ve got the numbers!”

2012 That’s when the wars gonna start! Not just in the Olympic Stadiums of London, but on the streets of major cities across the world. While nations compete for gold, silver and bronze their people are gonna be fighting for the cost of their living.
World War Three, Armageddon….bring it on and let it all come down!

Their affluence leads us to austerity, but we are also responsible for the mess; by buying all the shit and stuff that we are shown, without any thought of will it really improve our lives. Without being able to afford it. Technology will reach it’s ends soon, I mean how much smaller or faster do things need to be before we are living in a totally digital virtual reality.

Implode Explode

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