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Sunday, 5 February 2012

THE CLASH - Lost Treasures

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted anything by The Clash, time to change that with this mighty fine
collection of ….Lost Treasures i.e. various re-mixes, alternate versions and rarities by the greatest Rock’n’Roll band ever, a band that weren’t afraid to explore new musical landscapes and experiment with different sounds and vibes, with Mikey Dread and Futura 2000, or just be themselves, helping out their friend and music writer Kris Needs and his band Vice Creams, by providing the musical accompaniment on the single Danger Love, giving Rock Against Racism an alternative version of White Man In Hammersmith Palais to put on a RAR compilation album Then there’s the time they backed infamous vice queen Janie Jones as The Lash. This collection contains all those and more, it shows just how on top and ahead of the game they were. Some of their experimentations may have pissed of the punk purists and made them wanna puke, but if punk was about pushing the boundaries then The Clash were true punks from the start to the finish. The only band that mattered! and in the age of bands that say nothing and do even less they still do!! ENJOY!


Kostas said...

Thnx for this one . The best band of the 70's - 80's .

Anonymous said...

great post! lovin these diff clash mixes,your blog is well entertaining , i wondered if its possible to reupload the johnny thunders gig from stevenage 1990 as i was there for that one and ive just noticed that you posted it years back but.of course megaupload has died i just read that you promoted it ! I have fond and sad memories of that gig but fantastic memories of the heartbreakers gig @ lyceum with chelsea supporting, two of my faves in one night .Thanks a bunch if you can ........

g said...

Released Monday 6 February
Mark Lanegan - Blues Funeral

Entirely appropriate and very bit as miserable as a hole on a snow covered hillside. Who the fuck hs got anything to smile about anyway?


John Division said...

number one band and the best blog i've ever seen)))Thanks!

MJG196 said...

Much thanks! You can now be my special friend. Everyone needs a special friend, and you are mine.