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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Rock'n'Roll and Football!

The following post is the basis of something I’m writing for a blog called Journeyman & Co. which specialises in writings about the beautiful game. The finished and expanded article should be posted there in a few days time, or whenever I get my arse in gear to complete it.

Rock’n’Roll and football, two escapes from the working class ghetto of day in day out dead end mundane jobs. The terraces or the dancehall.
The decline of English football since managers stopped wearing sheep skin jackets.
Where are the Rock’n’Roll footballers?
Without wanting to sound like some ‘football fascist’ Has the influx of players from across the world had e detrimental effect on the English game? It’s made a lot of money, but costs a lot of money, just ask Glasgow Rangers.
Big business SkyTV Football has sold out, and it’s the fans that pay the price, and they do pay a price £30 tickets, merchandise; with ever changing team strips etc What do they get in return….players whose team loyalty is based on the size of their transfer fee.
Hard for up and coming English players to play for top flight teams. Are there many English players playing football abroad? Home grown talent goes unnoticed in a global market, so when it comes to the International Squad England has a small pool of experienced players to pick from, as many young players don’t get the chance to gain the experience at club level because teams are made up of the highly paid new celebrity signining, interestingly England’s 2010 World Cup squad was the oldest ever, with the average age being 28.something.
Racism in football has come a long way since the days of Ku-Klux-Kan hoods on the terraces of Millwall in the 1970’s to banana skins being thrown at John Barnes in the 80’s, but it’s still got a way to go. Now it seems to be the players with their racist rants, what a shinning example to the yoof John Terry is, he should have stepped down as captain as soon as he was charged, and as to his guilt or innocence, well live TV can’t lie, or can it?
Stuart Pearce for England captain, he’s got good musical taste, likes The Clash. Talking of music lets not forget some of those great or not so great football songs; Chas and Dave and Tottenham Hotspurs, New Order and The England Squad. Hoddle and Waddle anyone, Kevin Keegan, Cockney Rejects.


Anonymous said...

As someone who stood on the Millwall terraces all through the 70's and 80's I can honestly say I never saw anyone in a KKK hood.
Perhaps you can post a link?

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Alright Anon, I remember seeing a TV documentary some time in the 70’s and from what I can remember there was some footage in that of the KKK hoods. This documentary could well have been one of those stitch up jobs, that ended up being bullshit propaganda for whatever side, some isolated incident, turned into an urban myth by the media, or my memory is more shot to bits than I remember, I dunno.

undeadboy said...

3o quid tickets....and the rest!

live sports said...

nice written 23 iti