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Sunday, 5 February 2012

Some Sunday Shit!

Searching for meanings and understanding. Looking for answers to questions that haven’t been asked, and ignoring ones that have.

Religion says there is a god. Science says there is no god; but enables people to play at being god. Religion causes wars and science builds the weapons to fight the wars.
Economics keep the world going round, and Politics is the fight by leaders of nations to control the people.
IMHO Psychology and Sociology provide a better understanding of how and why the world is the way it is, after all the world is a collection of people living in different societies, we need to embrace the difference and not fight against it. We need to be coming together, but the politicians are intent on driving people apart, and the economists want it to be all about the money, money! These attitudes have shaped and moulded peoples minds and the societies they live in.

Science prolongs existence with life support machines that ultimately end in death, that’s if you live in a country that can afford such equipment.
Science keeps people staring at the screens of mobile phones, laptops and TV’s . Religion gives guidelines on what to do to reach the afterlife, when there is no afterlife, just an afterbirth and slow death.
The cure for cancer, now that would be something to benefit the common good, but no….It all comes down to cash and who can afford the life prolonging drugs, some health authorities can afford treatment for patients and others can’t. The life or death lottery. Its either Buy, Buy, or Bye, Bye.

Science, the new Rock’n’Roll. You can stare at the stars, but there are no aliens waiting to land. If there were I’m sure they’d be looking down thinking….What the Fuck! With so much knowledge in the world why are people so stupid, to blindly follow what the politicians, economists, scientists and religious leaders tell them. It’s all a big lie wrapped up in pages of theories and thesis that mean nothing to the person in the street, keep the people stoopid and they wont ask questions that need to be asked, like why is half the world starving while the half live in luxury, politics and economics is the answer to that one. If knowledge is power and there’s so much knowledge out there, then why do people feel powerless? Once again the politicians and economists can answer that! It’s in their interest to keep us dumb and dumfounded, it justifies their existence. Religion proclaims to offer comfort and protection to the hopeless and powerless, all it provides are dogmas and ‘good books’ to follow. It’s all a distraction, different ways of looking at the world that change nothing.

Evolution is no longer a natural process, Science, Economics and Politics have corrupted it and now control the process, and call it Progress!
People are unable to think for themselves without consulting Google first, and then confirming their opinion with that of their Facebook friends.

We are insular and insincere with our self importance.
The motor car once a symbol of freedom now stands still for hours confined in a traffic jam on the M25, because another driver thought they were the only road user that mattered and crashed their car because they were taking no notice of other motorists. Still at least science can save their life, or is it worth saving, I mean would the world miss another selfish bastard.

The Scienceisation of Society.
Professor Brian Cox is the devil; with his scientific sermons. A smiley, smiley Satan, smug with the satisfaction and knowledge that he’s selling ideas that a few years ago no-one would have bought into. Another market has been created a world of telescopes, microscopes and gadgets, all available in your local Tesco’s Express.
I heard on some TV program people talking about the science of music….For fuck sake! I don’t want or need to know how or why the brain responds the way it does to beats and rhythms. Then there’s cooking, Heston Bloomingtwat doesn’t just cook, he uses science to create new methods; I mean who wants to use an oven when you can use a blow torch and dry ice.

No one gets out of here alive and there’s nowhere left to run.

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