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Saturday, 18 February 2012

THE ONLY ONES - XFM Session 28/5/07

The Only Ones; a band who back in the day were too hippy for the punks and too punk for the hippies. Their torch burnt bright in the eyes of the critics and their cult following. The Only Ones blazed their own Rock’n’Roll trail before drug and record company problems saw the band fall apart in the early 80’s. Their influence however was to last for a lot longer; spanning the post punk, Brit pop and grunge years, to the present day. The band reformed in 2007 this session is from May that year, nothing new, just 3 Only Ones classics: The Whole Of The Law, The Big Sleep and Another Girl Another Planet, a song which has kept Peter Perrett in supplies over the years. Time has not lost what the Only Ones had, they’ve still got it. Enjoy! If yer an Only Ones ‘fan’ then when you’ve finished downloading this, you’d be a fool if you didn’t take a trip to Noise Addiction blogspot where you’ll find a brilliant live soundboard recording from 1979 in Minneapolis USA, and an audience recording from Oscars in Liverpool UK from the same years, I’m sure there’s also a compilation of Peter Perrett and The One Radio Sessions there as well.


MJG196 said...

Wow...drugs affect some people more than others I guess!

bat29 said...

Thanks for this one. Sounds great!

Anonymous said...

Thank You Very Very Much For The Only Ones Stuff And The Noise Addiction Blog Info Pal.

planckzoo said...

Nice Posts. Peter survived Heroin, the Crack habit he picked up while hanging out with Peter Doherty screwed up his lungs.