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Friday, 24 August 2012

ELECTRIC RIVER - In Your Name E.P (A Review)

Electric River have been plugging and playing their way around the pubs'n'clubs of their home county Kent, the garden of England, for the past couple of years, building up a loyal and faithful following. The last year has seen them gigging further afield and making a name for themselves on the London circuit.
The In Your Name EP follows on from 2009's Radio No Go album and the Darwinian Flush EP, the intervening years have seen the band grow into a formidable force to be reckoned with. The five tracks: In You Name, Happy, Hold Your Nerve, Still and an acoustic version of Hold Your Nerve, rock with a real honesty, passion, power and punk rock kick.
Comparisons have been drawn between them and The Clash, The Alarm and Bruce Springsteen, I'd also add Big Country to that list. But....Electric River are no copyists, they have their own distinct big sound, with ringing guitars, catchy sing along choruses and storming melodies that stomp and stamp through your head, until yer foot can't stop tapping, and the intelligent and socially aware lyrics are buzzing round yer brain.
In Your Name is released by England Street Records on Sept 10th and their as yet untitled album is due for release early 2013. Expect to hear a lot more from Electric River in the future months and years. Check out their website here!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your support guys, the E.P release has been put back to Oct 22nd with full UK tour being booked as we speak. All the best & once again cheers for your support. Electric River