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Sunday, 19 August 2012

Some more Sunday thoughts/notes/scribblings.

I heard a presenter on the radio (LBC 97.3FM) this morning asking the listeners if “we have forgotten about Afghanistan?”

Well over the last couple of weeks people seem to have forgotten about anything that wasn't gold, sliver or bronze related. So while Team GB were increasing the counties gold reserves by winning medals, more soldiers lost their lives and limbs for their country in wars that will continue for as long as the British army are on Afghanistan and Iraqi sand.

It's not about democracy in a world that's getting more un-democratic. Global condemnation rains down on the Syrian regime, as their bombs rain down on innocent civilians who's only crime is to want free elections and political rights. In South Africa striking miners are slaughtered by the police. In Russia, Putin has put the boot in, with Female punk band Pussy Riot being given a disproportionate sentence of two years hard labour for 'hooliganism' after their impromptu performance in a Moscow church that criticised his re-election as Russian leader amid allegations of vote rigging, and generally offending his masculinity.

Then there's the case of Julian Assange of Wikileaks, who sought political asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London a couple of months ago, he has now been granted it, but the British Government are refusing to let him leave and fly to Ecuador, or as they call it “escape the country” Is that allowed under International Law? Mind you since when has defying interternational laws stopped the US and UK governments doing exactly what they like? Without their illegal war in Iraq we may never have heard of wikileaks. The whole Wikileaks thing is a prime example of might against right. The might of America versus the right to the truth. Assange fears his extradition to Sweden to be questioned about sex allegations will lead to American intervention and his eventual deportation to 'the land of the free' to be held to account over the leaking of US Military 'secrets'.

Freedom....there is no freedom when people can't speak out against their leaders, but you can't kill thoughts or lock up ideas. Leaders across the world need to remember that, because one day their time will come, and that day and time comes closer every time their abuses of power are seen live and direct in perfect flat screen HD clarity on BBC/Sky/Al-Jazeera News, that's if there's nothing more important to broadcast, like two weeks of people running, swimming and throwing things.

I wonder how well Britain will do in the forthcoming Para-Olympics? probably better than the last time thanks to all the injured ex soldiers who've had their legs and arms blown off by land mines in Iraq and Afghanistan.


sharproduct said...

seskinghave you noticed on the news channels they have stopped giving the number of british troops killed , next they'll stop the reports on bodies coming home as in the usa - wait for the blackout !!

The bogus man said...

George Osborne booed at Paralympics.

Applause when Gordon Brown announced.