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Sunday, 12 August 2012


Olympic competitors crying because they came second and only got a silver medal.

You don't see people crying if no one likes their singing or guitar playing, do you? Oh no wait up, yes you do, the X-Factor, no but that doesn't count, cos their not musicians, they are contestants and it's a competition. That's what makes music different from sport. It's not a competition about who's the best band, although the(ir) media try to turn it into one. Stones V's Beatles / The Clash V's The Pistols / Blur V's Oasis

On the radio this morning, the presenter was referring to people having “caught the Olympic bug.” think I'd rather catch the plague than “the Olympic fever.” People have been brainwashed.
I saw some TV footage of the Olympic volunteers who were telling visitors to the Olympic Park to “smile” and “look happy”, all slightly sinister if you ask me
Give it a couple of years and people will see that it really was a case of the emperors new clothes, all style with the substance bought and sold through sponsorship deals, for the medal winners.
I don't want to take anything away from the athletes and their achievements, but they are just puppets/pawns in the real game which is all about Great Britain PLC winning.

Will the future returns be larger than the present costs, will the Olympic Legacy see more people taking up sport, I mean they've been buying and wearing the clothing for years.
Sport and keeping fit are two different things, you can exercise without competing, go running and cycling without racing. What about just for fun!

More, more, more, more competition, more gold more success. The government is proposing to make 'competitive sports' compulsory in all primary schools. Children shouldn't be forced to compete, it should be a choice, between themselves and their parents. After school Sports clubs should be accessible to all and subsidised for those on low incomes
Politicians co-opting the success of the Olympic Games for their own ends i.e. the promotion of UK PLC. I mean who was it that stopped competitive sports in schools? And who sold the school sports fields for housing? The politicians. If the London Olympics have been a success it's not down to the politicians, it's down to the people.
The majority of money for British sports comes from The National Lottery Fund, which is money made from the scratch cards and tickets people buy when they dream of the big win.

Sport and capitalism are great in bed together, because it's all about the competition. The winners and losers, success and failure. There are more losers than there are winners in both, but there's an illusion that if you try you will succeed on the ladder to success, but it really depends where abouts on the ladder you start. Some are nearer to the top than others.
I've heard people say that “life is about winning and losing” No that has how it has become thanks to the capitalist machine and cogs like sport that keep it moving, music on the other hand might make the machine money, but it doesn't support the basis of the machine which is competition. Music is a way to fight the machine and throw spanners in the works, in a way sport never can. That's why it's Rock'n'Roll for me!

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