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Monday, 13 August 2012


Unfortunately I did see the closing ceremony of the London Olympics, my daughter wanted to watch it. What a load of shit! If that was a celebration of British music and culture then the whole nation should be in mourning.
A load of washed up has beens Ray Davies and The Who, sorry folks your time has passed, we've got Muse and The Karzy Chiefs now, and they can fuck off with their third rate pop and rock pap. George Michael....where's a lone sniper when you needed one. The dedication and years of hard work by the athletes was contrasted by the instant X-Factor celebrity culture of the likes of No Erection, Massive Tantrum and Jessie J. “It's not about the money, money” well the whole games have been about the money, from the cost of staging them, the overpriced tickets, the sponsorship deals and “the bling, bling” of the gold medals.
Freddie Mercury and John Lennon were brought back to live, when they should remain dead and buried. Imagine, yeah I imagined.....The taxis carrying those vacuous fame hungry whores The Spice Girls crashed, causing serious injury.
Russell Brand, has he started taking drugs again, and as for Liam Gallagher and his Beady Eye, I hope Noel kicks his fuckin' head in for that performance of Wonderwall. Still it could have been worse, The Clash or the Sex Pistols could have made an appearance.
The music on show at the closing ceremony didn't put a spanner in the works, it oiled the machine.
Where were the terrorists when you needed them?
I aint even gonna bother with the rest of the shite that was passed of as something to be proud of, the supermodels etc Oh the irony of Eric Idle's performance of Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life, because once the smoke from the fire works has settled and the Olympic fever has passed, that's what people are gonna have to do because....“Life's a piece of shit when you look at it.” and we're gonna be in it for a long time unless we wake up and see what is actually going on in front of our eyes not what they want us to see.


Unknown said...

I have seen 2 minutes this shit and got eye cancer. Completely disoriented event. I wonder what idiots think up this crap. - Apart from the sporting things were okay, I had fun.

The bogus man said...

Apparently the Pistols were asked, but turned it down. As did the Stones and Bowie.

The closing ceremony was pretty bizarre in places, most notably the Pet Shop Boys utterly unfathomable performance. I’d never heard of half the acts. Must be getting old…

Nazz Nomad said...

Didn't teh Spice Girls save the British Empire? They deserved every accolade they got! And come on now, One Direction? They cured Cancer, for chrissakes! And thank Jesus that Kate Moss was ther... after all, if it wan;t for her, polio would still be crippling millions!
What more could you have hoped for- they are the true BRITISH HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nazz nomad

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Cheers for the comments good people. It would appear it was definetly about the money, as I now find out many of those acts that appeared had products to promote singles, tours etc. My daughter comented at one point, why are those people dressed like the KKK, she was refering to the Pet Shop Boys and their dancers outfits.