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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Oh snow here we go....again!

Annual snow report. Once again it's that time when the white stuff comes down, and everything comes to a halt. Everyone’s off work because it's a 'snow day'.... SNOW DAY! Years ago people just got on with it. I don't know if the weather is getting more 'extreme' that's debatable, but what is getting more extreme is peoples attitude and reaction to it e.g. Time off work and panic buying. I wouldn't have passed comment on the latest weather conditions in Britain, if it weren't for what a Met Office scientist had to say about the snow that has been falling recently. Apparently it's the wrong kind of snow....too powdery. When asked why this is the case he said it was due to a “warming in the stratosphere” which has changed wind directions and temperatures, in short there has been a change of atmosphere in the....atmosphere, which is why the weather is the way it is....Snowy and cold. Well that's nature for you, or is it? No, I don't think it is just nature, and I'm not talking about Global Warming, I'm talking about Military experiments, to be more specific, the Haarp Project, which in a nut shell (I've done a few posts on Haarp and The Weather. Click the tags at the bottom of this post if you wanna read more.) is a US Military project that fires radio waves into the ionosphere, which causes it to heat up, and as we have seen changes in the atmosphere result in changes to the weather, a powerful weapon in the US arsenal, with which the enemy can be literally washed away, and everyone thinks it's just a natural phenomena.  

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MJG196 said...

Funny, in the US of A there is talk of the top secret European ARC (Atmospheric Research Centre) project being the root cause for all things "weather!" One man's Yeti is another man's Sasquatch, I suppose!