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Thursday, 31 January 2013

THE HEARTBREAKERS - L.A.M.F Devinitive Edition (A Review)

This 'definitive edition' box set has been out for a couple of months now, but it's still worth a review. Originally released in 1977, LAMF was plagued by sound issues; had the endless mixing of the songs turned the sound to mud, or was the problem in the mastering of the vinyl? Well listening to the different mixes and the cleaned up original release that are spread across the four discs in this collection, it would appear that the mixing was fine, cos there are some really good versions of all the old familiar songs, that sound timeless; cos brilliant Rock'n'Roll never dies.  The disc of demos, includes stuff from the original line-up with Richard Hell on Bass, and a session from the definitive (Thunders/Lure/Rath/Nolan) line up, which has a couple of tunes that never made it on to LAMF on it.
Yes some of this stuff is available on other Jungle Releases; The Lost 77 mixes, Vintage 77, and the DTK box set, so for the newbie it's not a bargain, but for the Thunders junkie/aficionado it's a must have fix.
It all comes beautifully packaged with a great little booklet that covers the time The 'breakers spent in London recording, mixing and hanging out. Plus four badges to tell the world you're: Born To Lose/Loose Like A Mutha Fucker ! Like I said not a bargain, but well worth the £17.99 + P&P from Jungle Records. But I wouldn't pay £25 from my local HMV shop..... no wonder they went bust!  Much respect to record labels like Jungle, Easy Action, Captain Oi and Damaged Goods for keeping the spirit alive.


Kostas said...

Thank you for your comment about my art work "GENESIS"

undeadboy said...

It's a great set. Worth every penny. Walter is playing Camden Underworld on August 10th. Get your tickets kids. Don't miss out.