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Saturday, 12 January 2013


The comfortable are numb; their cuts don't bleed, because the heartless don't feel the pain they cause. A privilege few born with silver spoons. Sink Estate kids born to lose with a knife and a cold steel slash. Taking the money then running drive by shooting, board room dealings, stock exchange swindles and robbing bankers, tax evaders and benefit scroungers. Divide and rule on the ship of fools, there's no care in the community if the community doesn't care. Welfare....Well unfair! Pensioner freezing because they can't afford the heating. Wrap up warm for a winter of discontent and wait for the summer heat on burning streets.
Bureaucracy rules, with jobs for the boys and girls. The middle class, middle managers, give 'em all the middle finger.
Our leaders lie to and manipulate a mass of people that cannot see, and don't care about thinking. Their satisfaction has been guaranteed by a no refund consumer society, cheap TV and new technologies, mobile phones and lap-pads. 24/7 total communication. They call this progress, when all people have become is slaves to the machine and obese on a diet of consumer goods. Moving forwards but going backwards IMHO, as I LOL when they grunt their whatevers and 'reams. A nation of numb and dumbed down, down and outs. Welcome to UK plc Where there's no future because everyone's dreaming, and ignoring the nightmare. It's time to wake up from passive slumber and decide which side of the bed you are sleeping on.

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