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Saturday, 5 January 2013

THE NOVEMBER FIVE - If You're Satisfied You Are Dead (A Review)

If You're Satisfied You Are Dead is the debut album by London based band The November Five. It's an album that reflects the ever present paranoia, distrust and anger in post millennium Britain. The eleven tracks are tense and terse, vicious and violent, frantic and furious. It's a compelling, hypnotic collection of catchy and anthemic songs that suck you in and spit you out feeling alive yet wanting more. Great intelligent and emotional lyrics, with guitars that chop and chime, keyboards that swirl and a rhythm section that thumps, the vocals are reminiscent of 'the Two Ians' (Curtis from Joy Division and McCulloch from Echo and The Bunnymen) in fact it sounds like there's a whole post-punk 80's vibe going on. I Demand is a call to arms that sounds like Joy Division on angel dust, Good Cop Bad Cop sounds like a street fight between The Godfathers and Primal Scream. While Control sounds like Echo And The Bunnymen trading tunes with The Folk Devils. There are other bits that sound like long lost 90's bands Humanzi and Whipping Boy. The November Five have one boot in the past and another in the present, which makes it kickin' stuff! Simple no frills attached Rock'n'Roll that feeds the emotions. Beautiful, brilliant, exciting and life affirming stuff! Details of how to get a copy are on their facebook page.


Longy said...

I like the two songs I've heard via the Viva Le Rock cds so I just might have to get this one. Nice review Nuzz :)

Doug said...


You inspired me to get the CD direct from The November Five.I seem to remember Marc Riley playing the single on 6 Music.Looks like The November Five and The Jim Jones Revue are keeping the faith alive.Reminds me of the mid 1970s when bands like Dr. Feelgood and Flamin Groovies(Roy Loney version) kept the faith in similarly dull musical times.

@Longy Glad to see you are still kicking.Hopefully the Gunners can take 3 much needed points off Chelsea on Sunday.