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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Lets hear it for the little guy....

Bradley Manning, a man that has stood up to the might of the US Government and told the truth, about their lies and deception in the war on terror.

A man whose freedom will be taken away, by a government who claim to be fighting to protect freedom with an illegal war sold to the people through patriotic propaganda.

But he betrayed his country!....No he didn't, his country betrayed him, the dead and maimed soldiers and its people who are having to pay the cost for their countries actions.

Bradley Manning knew what the cost of his actions would be and was willing to sacrifice his liberty for his beliefs, and to get the truth out there.  

A brave soldier whose only weapon was the sword of truth. In a world of cowards Bradley Manning is a real war hero.

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Undeadboy said...

Hear hear. Well said. Governments should fear the people not the other way around. When are the people of the so called "Free" West going to rise up and take back our hard won freedoms. Our grandfathers fought and beat the Nazis 70 years ago, not so some toffee nosed twats with no life experience could take those freedoms away from us and use the excuse it's for our own protection. FUCK 'EM ALL. Politicians? I Shit 'em!