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Monday, 22 July 2013


Creeping censorship under the disguise of protecting children from porn and paedophiles on the internet. Emotive issues for parents, who ask no questions. The government doesn't want or like a 'nanny state' yet it is pushing internet service providers to regulate what people can view on their computers. Who is responsible for bringing up children? The parents or Google? Never mind parental controls, it looks like the parents have lost control!


kingpossum said...

No comments on this?! Christ, open your eyes indeed, readers of the Wolf. I don't live in England and this angers me. And I don't know who to blame more--shit governments or blind citizens.

I'd come over and help protest but I have my own shit government problems here in the U.S.

Please come retrieve Piers Morgan.

Jareay said...

I am an 18 year old growing up in this so called "Great" Britain and I feel alot of what Dave is doing is complete and utter Rubbish. I am a firm believer in "free Speech" and not in the silly Americain way. This move contradicts this much like his other measures. I am not a happy person for this man but because the system is rigged I am a loser anyway.

Chris Ripple said...

First things first... No, KP, we don't want Peirs Morgan, your country let him in so you get to keep him, fair's fair.

As for the rest, the day of the 'Nanny state' is nigh. If we'd not wanted it then we should have started protesting years ago, that's not to say some of us didn't, we did.
Unfortunately too many went for personal gain at the time and forgot what could occur behind our backs.
There is now no solution. The mass media have it all sewn up so they can sell their news 'stories' on the backs of protecting children when the reality is that parents tend to look the other way because it's easier and keeps the kid quieter now you are unable to discipline them with a clip round the ear.
Try reading some of the excuses that parents come out with. Would you believe for instance that there are one in four children in the U.K. with 'special needs' ? No, I don't believe it either, but since the schools get grants and parents get benefits if their kid is diagnosed as such, how do you stop it ?
That is a story from today's newspaper.
It's all bollocks of course, and the sooner people learn that they have to stand up and fight and actually stick THEIR heads above the parapet sometimes, then the sooner the broken system we have now might get fixed.
Failing that, we're stuck with a nanny state that tells us what we are allowed to do.
Freedom is a much abused word these days and we are rapidly losing it.
The masses should take some fucking responsibility for their lives and it might make a difference, failing that we're all fucked.
Ok, I give up, we're fucked.