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Thursday, 4 July 2013


“Move along please, there's nothing to see here'” You'd think so.... as soon as the spying scandal hits the news, it disappears, even after the revelations that London’s Met Police spied on the family of Stephen Lawrence, in an attempt to dig dirt to smear them in order to discredit their campaign for justice for the racist murder of their son. Lets not forget that the police stole the identities of dead babies for undercover officers to use when they infiltrated activist groups.
The only defence I've heard from the police about in regard to the Lawrence family has been that times where different and that they don't do that sort of thing any more. Yeah right, if people believe that shit, they'd believe anything. Lets not forget that the state failed the Lawrence family in it's original investigation of his murder. Why would the state and its servants the police stop their surveillance of people and groups that threaten the status quo,

Go back a little further in Britain’s history and look at Northern Ireland the secret services were not just involved in gathering intelligence for the government, but they where active in helping maintain sectarian divisions.  It has been reported that many IRA members were actively working for the British intelligence services. Just remember that as they try and make us forget the connection between MI5 or was it MI6 and one of the people who carried out the recent terrorist attack in Woolwich. they had approached him to work for them.

The government are quite comfortable with the idea of state surveillance on people, how else can they justify a 3.4% increase in funding for the intelligence agencies. In a time when Welfare budgets are being cut, it's good to see they've got their priorities right....watch the people struggle to survive, keeping calm and carrying on.

Using terrorism as a smokescreen to blind the people that a surveillance society is for their protection and welfare, when really it's for the protection for powers that we let be from the enemy within, one that is growing stronger. Just think, without the recent 'terrorist murder' of Soldier Lee Rigby, would people have been so accepting of the thought of more surveillance? Sometimes things happen for a reason, or are made to happen for a reason. Like I said; they did it in Northern Ireland so who's to say they haven't been doing the same in their long war on terror. There's lots to see, it's they just don't want us to see it.

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