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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


It's gonna take more than a bit of warm weather and a Brit winning at Wimbledon to lift my mood Mr Cameron. Yeah the weathers great, but fuck me some people aint happy; first it was too cold and wet for them, and now I hear people saying it's too hot. Yeah it's great that a Britain won Wimbledon, I can hear the cash tills at UKplc ringing, or I would if everyone didn't use plastic these days; you can't hear a credit card swipe. One thing I have heard is petty nationalism with people going on about Andy Murray being Scottish and not British, who gives a shit, it's only a game!

Tourists holiday in Turkey and Egypt. As they sit around the pool in their safe all inclusive Westernised hotel complex things are getting hot out on the streets. The natives are voicing their feelings and frustrations against their governments. Protesters have been injured and killed in the name of democracy. Having a lovely time, wish you where here.

It's been a couple of years since the West looked on and supported the 'Arab Spring' when countries like Egypt demanded free and democratic elections. It's been a year since Egypt held these 'free and fair' elections. In recent weeks the democratically elected leader has been accused by sections of Egyptian society of turning the country into an Islamist state, after days of protests on the streets of Cairo, the army took control, and ousted him and appointed an interim Prime Minister. Now the Islamists have taken to the streets in protest and The Army has turned it's guns on them. The West looks on and says nothing, Western leaders no doubt support this action as well, because they don't want an Islamist state playing in the game of global politics, especially one in such a key geopolitical area of the world. That's the problem with bringing a one size fits all democracy to town, it doesn't fit everyone. It's all just hypocrisy. I bet David Cameron and his chums are glad that we don't have a different size of democracy in Britain. He'd have been up against the wall or swinging from a lamp post months ago.... now that would have lifted my mood.  

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