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Friday, 7 February 2020


So then....Britain "has got its country back" from the EU, only to give it away to China and the USA. Who decided that? The British people, that's who...SUCKERS! and now the little Englanders are celebrating a victory when we will all be losers! 

Why do Populism and Nationalism stand side by side? and then lean to the Far Right? You don't have to be a racist to love your country. Britain is Great because of immigration and multiculturalism. The ruling elites through their media weapons and mass production have engineered a self preservation society. Inward looking, make it great again, who made it bad to start with?

Karma we reap the seeds of colonialism past and present. From wars on trade to wars on terror. Competition Capitalism Survival of the Fittest It was a jungle out there until global warming

So many elephants in the room, the place is starting to resemble a zoo. So much smoke can't see the mirrors. Breath deep and smell the fear. People who divided the nation are now telling us that we need to unite as a country as we enter a Post Brexit World. Uncertainty and fear. Propaganda 
Flu from China Industrial Revulsion. The Dawn of the corovavirus zombie apocalypse. 

Manufacturing consent through fear.

Human Rights Act proposed changes are a knee jerk reaction by politicians to recent 'acts of terror' The fashion police are in power trial by media for 'wearing inappropriate clothing' in parliament as Labour MP is taken to task and abused on twitter, her crime was to wear an off the shoulder dress in Westminster. The Government decides which journalists from the 'free press' they will speak to. Hate crimes have risen again last year. A Fascist future and dictatorship will be upon us before we know it. Speak out now before it's too late and you can't without being called a terrorist for being against the ruling and governing elites way of thinking.

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