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Friday, 7 February 2020

SPORT AND POLITICS (Old and Un-Posted News'n'Views.)

So 'sport doesn't get involved in politics', well that's good because I don't get involved in sport unless....Sports gets involved with politics. Shirts off to Arsenal footballer Mesut Ozil for speaking out about Chinas treatment of Muslims who are being kept in detention camps, which the Chinese Government says is fake news. As a result Chinese state TV didn't show the Arsenal game at the weekend resulting in a financial loss to the club and Premietship. Expect to hear more of this in the future, or not as the case may be if people are unable to speak out against the regime because UK plc needs their cash!

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Chris Ripple said...

Hmmm... Interesting post.
If you 'post' something that the Chinese government does not like then you are immediately bombarded with Chinese students posts who believe what they are told by their government (Been there, done that)and one example is Tianamen Square which according to their government did not occur at all.
Ozil was rght to come out and attack them because it's true, but try getting somebody from a poor Muslim country to do the same. It won't occur because the Chinese have been invited in by most of them to build, mine or industrialize their infrastructures and it's occurring all over Africa where quite a few countries have Muslim majorities in population. These countries want the help cheap and so refuse to publicise the Chinese atrocities against Muslims. That unfortunately, is how it works.