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Friday, 7 February 2020


The sound of silence no news is good news. LBC Talk Radio, is starting to depress me. Peoples views....Bigoted, intolerant where has our humanity gone; washed away on waves in selfish seas.

Head is hurting from too much thinking, feeling sick from the smell of the bullshit pile stinking more muck added everyday a mountain that will not go away. Plastic pollution on the streets crushed beneath the marching feet.

Money, power mass debating on TV sets throughout the nation Everyone blaming everyone else taking no responsibility for themselves, except with the selfies that they share to anyone who may care. ME THE PEOPLE!

Commodities are getting smaller but the price is getting bigger. No surprise as to who's getting richer all the scum are rising to the top. Those at the bottom are left to rot. A decaying corpse once called Great Britain.

Do they owe us a level playing field? Of course they fucking do!

A hundred likes and smiley faces Smart phones have made people dumb.
Common sense sacrificed at the altar of New Technologhy, but has it made us really free. Every move mapped sat nav surveillance, Big Brothers watching his name is Alexa. Cheap insurance, but at what cost, another spy in a black box.

Someone's knocking at the door, Jehovahs calling trying to save a soul looking for small change in his begging bowl.

Upright and uptight false idols fake news. Flat earth mentality

The past wrapped up in rose tinted paper and sold back to the people at twice the price with added extras it's the new thing.

How will history judge we the people for putting up with this shit....an unelected Prime Minister who is prepared to lead the nation into a suicidal jump over the White Cliffs of Dover, to deliver a No Deal Brexit because it was the will of the people to leave the EU, without being told the price they would have to pay before they cast their democratic vote, in a referendum based on false goods and media half truths, who was one of the architects of this? Boris Johnson our new Prime Minister....

A homophobic home secretary who believes in the death penalty, the leader of the commons who thinks it the 19th century, and a wanna be Trump for a Prime Minister.

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