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Friday, 7 February 2020

THE CRAVATS - Hoorahland (*A Review*)

Hoorahland is The Cravats follow up to their 2017 Drowning in Sound album. Thought that one was good, well hold on to yer head when you listen to this one, cos it will blow yer mind. Twelve tracks, each one a glorious tunefull racket; crashing guitars, a screaming and shrieking saxophone, pounding drums and a rumbling, grumbling bass are topped off with The Shends deep and demonic, snarling and satanic vocals delivering abstract and abstruse lyrics that attack and assault subjects like: big business, climate change, relationship breakdown, and the mundanity and monotony of life. This is fucked up punked up and funky stuff. Layers of noise create dark, intense and psychotic soundscapes that demand your attention. 

There's the free form freakout of 'Good for you' the Jazz jerky, disjointed and discordant, 'Oh how we laughed' and the growling garage goth of 'Trees & Birds & Flowers & Sky' Stand out track 'Now the Magic Has Gone' is pure theatre and akin to an out of control fairground ride. Dead Kennedy Jello Biafra makes a guest appearance and sounds like a crazed clown dueting with The Shend, as the disturbed ringmaster of the whole horror show. 
The Cravats are and have always been a truely unique band , not so much off the wall, but more over the wall and way beyond the left field, they dont fit into boxes, they tear them up and break free from their confines. This latest album of theirs is a work of art, a thing of beauty in an ugly world, it reflects and confronts the horrors of modern life. A perfect soundtrack to these chaotic trouble torn and uncertain times. Take a journey through Hoorahland, you'll enjoy the trip.

Available soon on Overground Records

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