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Monday, 29 September 2008


Ever since stumbling across this band, I aint stopped playing their two studio albums, so it seemed right to hunt down some live recordings; after a couple of searches I was directed to 18 MILES A MINUTE, a blog dedicated to The Gaslight Anthem, and I do mean dedicated to them, but then I reckon they’re one of those special bands that come along once in a while who suck you in hook line and sinker in whatever way. They’re playing the 21st Century blues with warmth honesty and integrity, something lacking in a lot of bands these days. I do hope they don’t fuck it up and continue to play their own game. The two live recordings available at 18 Miles A Minute are absolutely brilliant, great recordings that confirm just what a great band The Gaslight Anthem are (The artwerk for today's post is from the cover of one of 'em). I’m not gonna share those with ya, cos I’ve told you where to go to get hold of em, but here are 4 acoustic tracks that I got from a Gaslight Anthem forum I was directed to via I8 Miles, I did try and join the forum to ask if it was OK to lift ’em, but had a few probs registering. When I finally did and tried to post a message, it wouldn’t let me, said my user name was already being used, yeah I know it was; by me! because the confirmation e-mail told me that it was my user name, but whatever, hope they don't mind. Anyway here's The Gaslight Anthem all stripped down and naked on KEXP Radio.

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dustin said...

hey, thanks for the kind words about my blog, 18milesaminute. No problem posting the link, they're good songs and the interview is cool, especially since I'm from Seattle.