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Friday, 19 September 2008

Will the penny drop, now that the pounds are falling; that unfettered, unregulated and uncontrolled capitalism doesn’t work! It just causes misery when yer holidays cancelled cos the tour operators gone bust, and all that money you’ve been saving in a pension account has gone cos it’s been gambled away on the stock market by a bunch of merchant bankers. Your house price has fallen thanks to irresponsible lending by financial institutions such as Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac; sounds like the names of a couple of porn stars to me, but whatever. During this ’crisis’ it would be the time to really get things kicking off; mobilise forces, get the hoodies organised into one big fuck off gang and take to the streets, along with the workers, the pensioners and everyone else who’s had enough of being ripped off, lied to and failed by a system that they paid into, I’ll over look the fact that some people made their choices when they bought into it, while others chose not to. For example: I didn’t buy into holidays abroad, cos there’s some beautiful parts of Britain to visit. A house to me is shelter, a home; not something to make money out of. Pension Schemes? I’ve never really earned enough money to be able to afford the weekly/monthly contributions. But now that the shit has hit the fan we all have to pay the same price, which does effect me with the cost of heating and food rising. This ’recession’ is more than financial, it’s a moral/values one as well and we’ve been in that for a lot longer, if you think about it, that’s why it’s all fucked up! The pursuit of money fuelled by cheap credit and an attitude of sod the future I’m alright Jack. Well are you still alright Jack? And what about you Jill with your gas gussling 4X4 that you use for the school run. How many died so you can dive around feeling safe and secure, killing the planet?
In the wake of Black Monday, Terrible Tuesday, and Woeful Wednesday new rules have been introduced on the Stock exchange; a bit like locking the safe after the moneys been stolen if you ask me, but whatever. Their system has been shaken to its very core and they’re gonna have to do something about it. The result of the US Election could be interesting as could a challenge to Gordon Browns leadership. What will history tell us about these times we’re living in? Illegal wars, economic collapse, terrorism, social dysfunction etc Probably not much different to other times in history, but it’s all relative and you’d think that the lessons of history wouldn’t be ignored., what’s that old saying? Those that ignore the past are condemned to repeat it! We also need to remember that things don’t have to be this way, and we need to take responsibility for our actions. It’s time to stop looking at just our leaders to change things. We need to change, for example attitudes towards the Capitalist Consumer Culture, lets hope that once people have gone through times of economic hardship they’ll have changed not just their shopping habits, but their whole value system. If not then we’re really gonna be fucked.


Nazz Nomad said...

nuzzy, we are going to be worse off...there is no way obama wins in the november election...the great unwashed of amerikka would rather vote for a senile vet and a white trash, snake handling, tongue speaking vacunt freak than elect a black man with a muslim name.
obama will win the clear thinking states (NY, Cal, Illinois,) but the fact is, the USA is comprised of backwards thinking racist hillbillies and mccain will win in a landslide.

Anonymous said...

As is usual these days everyone seems to be looking for someone to ‘Blame’ for all this. We are all culpable for the current economic situation. People spent like there was no tomorrow on the back of rising house prices and a New Labour feel good factor. They aspired to a level of prosperity that was far beyond their means and that was ultimately unattainable.

Sure, the banks shouldn’t have lent huge amounts of money to those that had little prospects of paying it back. But those people had a choice. No one forced them to put pen to paper an sign up to a 105 % mortgage. But it’s always someone else’s fault isn’t it?. Few are prepared to take responsibility for their actions. All this media had wringing is just bullshit. They were happy to buy into the boom years like the rest off us. Smug and self satisfied as they saw the value of their house go up month after month, after month. Now suddenly it’s all Gordon Brown’s fault that the stripped floor Victorian terrace in north London that they bought for £360,000 a year ago, more as an investment that a home, is worth £290,000. Well suffer! You made yer bed. Now fuckin lie on it. And if you want someone to ‘Blame’, look to yerself, and be thankful that my taxes are now shoring up the mortgage that you can’t pay because of your own greed.

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

I fear you may well be right nazz , but we can but hope, then it's the old boss same as the new boss scenario, cos IF Obama did get in, how's he gonna keep the great unwashed happy? Look at the hopes people had when New Labour came to power in Britain. Things can only get better, yeah fuckin right, and how exactly are things better? Oh that's right people got greedy. The Great unwashed on both sides of the pond like to spend, spend, spend and then blame, blame, blame as anon commented. Cheers for yer time, in these interesting times. Take care!