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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Brooom! Brooom!

So Lewis Hamilton is Formula One World Champion; makes you proud to be British. Bollocks! He is the epitome of everything capitalist; Greedy, Competitive and Selfish. The media tell us how many millions he’s gonna be worth, but lets not forget that he moved to Switzerland to avoid paying tax. All this after the economy’s gone down the shitter and people aint got a pot to piss in. No doubt my local council will name a road in Stevenage after him and leech of his success and fame, after contributing nothing to it; Capitalism….everyones a winner! except the losers, and there’s a lot more of them.


Anonymous said...

Once an exciting spectacle, I’m afraid F1 has now become something of a standing joke among serious motor sport fans.

Regarding Hamilton - If I were a newly minted multi-millionaire, I think I would be moving from the UK to Switzerland too. One of the few ways to ensure that your taxes won’t be used to bail out all the
b(w)ankers who lent too much, and the Aresholes who borrowed too much.

Nylon Bunk said...

I'm with you Nuzz. Motor Racing is an elite sport that acts as a global billboard for the worst capatalism has to offer.

"I hate fast cars"

Lazy Rod said...

Gotta agree with anonymous to some extent. F1 is maybe not as exciting as it once was, but I've followed the sport since I was a young boy (quite a long time), and although the death of Ayrton Senna killed (oops!) it for me, it's nice to see a decent British racing driver at the top again!! (Sorry DC but you never really had it!). And I too would get the fuck out of this country if I had a vast wedge in my pocket. Sadly I can't see this happening but I can dream!

Anonymous said...

As a proud British citizen.....I actually hoped he wouldn't win it and was pretty gutted when he did. I don't know why....he guess he reminds me of Theo Walcott and I hate those Gooners.

Couldn't believe the debate on UK's Talksport radio yesterday about it either. They were argueing about whether he was black or mixed race. FFS what does it matter? His still a spoilt wanker!

Anonymous said...

Well that’s the idiots lantern that is Talk Sport for you!