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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


So the government plans a kiss of life to the dying free market economy with a breath of old Labour values of taxing the rich. Well that’s just fucking rich cos those red turncoats have helped the rich get richer and the poor get poorer over the last fifteen years. The flexible friend; instant credit has snapped. The illusion of social mobility is falling down with repossessions and bankruptcies,
Where has the money all gone? On a holy war on terror and for oil. Well that’s been well worth the money, Al-Qaeda are still about, and there’s concerns over energy supplies in Britain, and lets face it the only reason the price of fuel has dropped at the pumps is to keep the lorries rolling to supply the shops with more shit that they still want us to buy, because VAT cuts are on the way and the banks have got lots of money to lend us after the government bailed them out with our money. Well almost, except that the banks aren’t too keen to lend the money, but that’s what the government want them to do, otherwise we wont start spending again. Well excuse me, but isn’t this another reason we are in this mess; because people spent too much money that they didn’t have on shit they didn’t need. Still, it’s only what our government have done, and are going to continue you to do; there’s nothing like leading by example. Where’s all the money going to come from, and how’s it going to be paid back? The only countries with any real wealth are the oil producing nations, so I wonder what deals were struck when Brown the Clown was visiting there recently. So the rich are going to be taxed more, but after the next election, taxes and VAT will rise again, it’s like a 0% finance buy now pay later sofa. Mind you New or Old Labour have never being that good with money.. Lets not forget Dennis Healey going cap in hand to the IMF in the 70’s. Another thing all I hear about is spending, what about some saving? Perhapes that’s why the banks don’t want to lend money, because I don’t hear the government making any cut backs. The troops are still in Iraq and Afghanistan and the Olympics are still gonna be happening in 2012. I suppose one good thing is were starting to lose a few churches of consumption MFI are in a state of financial collapse, just like their flat pack furniture after a couple of years use, and Woolworths have called in the receivers, but Woolworths…they’ve been a fixture on the High Streets for a long time; priced out of the market by the supermarkets with all their cheaper shit. I was gonna put a couple of Karl Marx quotes here “all that is solid….” etc, but couldn’t be bothered with it, but he knew the score and final result of capitalism; competition, greed, human nature, epochs, economic/social change, forces of production etc, etc. We are gonna be living through some crazy shit over the next few years. All the fun of the fair starts here!


Highlander said...

Don't you just love the way everything falls apart when people stop spending money (they haven't got)? The solution - get the banks lending to people again so that we can kick the next 'bubble' off!

Like you said Nuzz "buy now, pay later".

Highlander said...

Posted the Waterboys interview you were after as well.

Anonymous said...

I don’t understand all this dewy eyed regret for the demise of Woolworths. Sure, we all miss the pick ’n mix we loved as kids, correct me if I’m wrong though, but it was them that started selling the cheap plastic style shit in the first place, not the supermarkets. Paving the way for the numerous ’Pound Shops’ we now see on our High streets. Another example of a poor business plan gone tits up.

As someone who has always lived a frugal existence I’m mighty pissed off at all these financial ‘Bail outs’. Yet again the elderly get another non means tested freebee. My pensioner neighbour has already gleefully informed me that he intends to put his £60.00 government/taxpayers handout for the vulnerable towards a golfing weekend in Scotland.


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