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Sunday, 23 November 2008

THE CORTINAS - Live in 1977

Today’s musical offering is some vintage old skool punk rawk from the class of ‘77 and it’s The Cortinas recorded live in Plymouth in…1977. Often referred to by scenesters and journalists at the time rather unfairly as a “second division punk band”, no doubt because they came from Bristol and not London, plus they were a band playing R’n’B covers before punk broke, and they had middle class backgrounds, which in the eyes of some wasn’t in keeping with what punk was all about. What a load of bollocks! This is; classic, classless first rate punk rock! Enjoy it here!


Longy said...

Brilliant posting Nuzz. I think they played down here twice in 77. Once in Woods for sure and maybe The Metro in Devonport as well or it could of been Woods again. Looks like Woods on the cover. Cheers for this one anyway!


check out this blog http://punkfriction.blogspot.com he posted the secound wall lp

garychching said...

Nice one Nuzz, Television Families has always been one of my fave songs. Didn't know about this one. Cheers mate.

Always Searching For Music

Styreneboy said...

Wow! Thanks Nuzz! You sure know how to make this boy happy with your primo punk offerings. Without wishing to seem greedy, are you gonna post the "Please Don't Hit Me" demos album as well? I'm well and truly skint at the moment and need to hear those versions (would also love to hear the Peel Session again). Anyway, thanks again for this one.

Anonymous said...

Nice 1 Nuzz - Totally agree with what you said about the band! Cheers for this. Andy

Anonymous said...

Nice 1 Nuzz - Totally agree with what you said about the band! Cheers for this. Andy

SCL said...

Strange fact - I live in Plymouth like Longy - not then I was still officially a Kentish boy - I digress - but I did go to Poly in Huddersfield and my first room-share was with a guy who was mates with The Cortinas - hello Richard Whitworth - wherever you are. They never strayed up north at that time - shame - they were good !

Steve : My Dog Ate Art

Anonymous said...

Cheers Nuzz. Nice post.

(yet another anonymous!)