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Sunday, 30 November 2008

THESE ANIMAL MEN - Speeed King (7"Vinyl Rip) + 5 Live Tracks!

The early 90’s and Britain was awash in dance culture and baggy clothes, until thanks to the NME The New Wave of New Wave appeared on the ‘scene’ which was like it said on the tin; New bands drawing on the punk/new wave sounds of the past. I’ve already posted one band from this ‘manufactured movement’; S*M*A*S*H, so now get ready for another one, it’s their gigging buddies THESE ANIMAL MEN. This is their debut single, released in 1994, which caused a bit of controversy with some local authorities, as the tour to promote it was due to visit several youth clubs. It’s a neat slice of power pop punk , that recalls The Only Ones and The Heartbreakers, with a nod to the Brit bands of the 60’s. Interestingly both S*M*A*S*H and TAM appeared on T.O.T.P’s before Oasis and the whole N.W.O.N.W was a precursor to the Brit pop madness that sound tracked the rest of the 90’s, but unlike Oasis, both bands only had 15 minutes, and before you could say Malcolm McClaren and Bernie Rhodes they were gone. Their legacy; making guitars and small size clothing 'fashionable' again. Anyway if you fancy a blast on some These Animal Men click here for the single, and here for a 5 track live recording done for BBC Radio Ones Evening session on 5th June 1994 at the Zap Club in their hometown of Brighton. Enjoy! THE DODGY LINK HAS BEEN SORTED!


SCL said...

Thanks for the blog-roll listing on this site - I'm to do the same for me - love some of the collage and music stuff here - look forward to seeing more

Steve - My Dog Ate Art

J.N said...

Thanks! Another group you posted that I thougth everyone forget :)

Anonymous said...

both links just give you the 7", no 'bonus' tracks.

Anonymous said...

First heard these guys on the 'shaggin in the streets' ep along side s*m*a*s*h. 'Sound of youth' is a great track. Glad you mentioned the only ones as TAM were obviously fans, Another girl gets a mention in the booklet that came with the 'Taxi for..' mini LP. I think the press uproar for this single was not only due to the song title and artwork, but also the free speed wrap that came with my copy.

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Anonymous said...

Any chance of a reup of both links please?