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Saturday, 3 January 2009

THE CLASH - Live @ Tokyo Sun Plaza 1/2/82 (Complete Show)

When The Clash visited Japan for the first time, they were treated like “western gods” Their gig at Sun Plaza, Tokyo on 1st Feb 1982 is one of the bands most bootlegged concerts, thanks to decent quality Japenese TV and Radio recordings. Various parts of the gig have appeared on the market under such glorious titles as Che Guevara, Death or Glory and Give 'Em Enough Dope, but, this here! recording is the whole gig, a 23 track career spanning live collection, the choice of songs was in part to acknowledge the fact that Japan had waited a long time for the band to visit them. A great recording that came via The Clash forum, whose collection of live Clash recordings should make sure that no Clash fan need buy an overpriced bootleg from eBay.


Longy said...

Just what the doctor ordered! Thanks Nuzz, your a star.

Anonymous said...

I’d like to put a word in for the 22.10.81 Lyceum show. A show of restrained power and intensity. Incredible version of Ghetto Defendant. Huge thanks to the people on If Music Could Talk for making these all available to fans both young and old. Mention should also go to the totally excellent Blackmarketclash site.

gomonkeygo said...

Thanks! And a Happy New One to ya, too.

alan f said...

thanks for this one nuzz. happy new year.