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Thursday, 15 January 2009

NANCY BOY - Johnny Chrome and Silver (CD Single)

A sort of son of rock stars super group, as Nancy Boy featured Donovan Leitch (Donovans son) and Jason Nesmith (Mike Nesmith from The Monkees son) in their line up, along with Nigel Mogg from The QuireBoys. The year was 1994 when this single was released, and the world wasn’t ready for a Bowie, Roxy Music and 80’s influenced glam stylee revival, and the band sank without a trace. A shame, cos this single rocks (especially the 2 live tracks) in a sort of post punk glam poppy sort of way, think Punishment of Luxury and Cuddly Toys as well and you’ll get the idea. Anyway you know what to do and where to click if you fancy a blast of the past, from a future that never was.

1 comment:

Leopold said...

This track is close to my heart Nuzz, met Nancy Boy during my VIVA! days at Camden's Club Skinny and met Johnny Chrome himself, a real character and very nice chap!
I haven't played the album in a while, perhaps it's time to dust it off and load it into the car's CD player. Their version of "Are Friends Electric?" is pretty good too.

Leopold x