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Saturday, 31 January 2009

Nothing about something.

Like a ticking bomb, a coiled spring, an elastic band; ready to snap! Times of tension. People living in days of hope and nights of fear, of the unknown and change, for better or worse? Either way, it’s coming. Anger, hate and resentment. Organise, participate and demonstrate. Apathy or activity. Stinking or thinking. The shits gonna hit! Duck and Cover! Welcome to the new cold, class and race wars. BANG!!


Chris Ripple said...

If the strikes re. the foreign workers continue, what odds against the whole country going tits up ?
The right wing revolution/backlash starts here...
and how many years have I tried to warn people against it ?

Shit ! It looks like it's really going to kick off, and watch the rise of the B.N.P. when it does, cos those bastards are gonna be in their element and a lot of 'normal' people are going to go along with them and when their jobs are on the line who's gonna blame them ?

Remember the slogan that got Maggie in ?
'Labour isn't working...'
Well if the nation's labour force isn't working because of Labour's immigration policy and are also losing their houses to the banks, who we, as tax payers, bailed out, then it really is time for a change cos the alternative doesn't bear thinking about... Does it ?

usted said...

thanks again! take care!

Nuzz Prowlin' Wolf said...

Chris see post 3rd Feb 2009. No problem Usted, I'll be back soon. Some good shit you and the others have been posting