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Saturday, 24 January 2009

SHAM 69 @ CBGB'S 1988 / UK SUBS - Staffordshire Bull

Here’s a punk rock double header for ya, with Sham 69 and the UK Subs. No lover of Punk Rock should be without at least one Sham or Subs record/CD in their collection. neither of these are essential releases, but they’re still a bloody good listen. Both recorded live, when some might say they had past their sell by dates, I dunno I’ll leave that for you to decide. The Sham 69 one was recorded at CBGB’s, New York in 1988 and features a Sax player in the line-up that only included Jimmy Pursey and Dave Parsons from the original band. The UK Subs were captured at the Lichfield Rock Festival in Stafford, (hence the title Staffordshire Bull) 2002, with what is basically a greatest hits set featuring some lengthy guitar solos. Anyway enough of this because I could go on about how Sham’s If The Kids Are United has the dubious ‘honour’ of being used by both McDonalds and The Labour Party as music for an advert and to announce Tony Blair’s arrival at a party conference, and how Charlie Harper from the Subs just keeps on keeping on going when others have stopped, but I’m not gonna, instead here’s the link for Sham 69 and there’s the link for the UK Subs. Enjoy or destroy.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Nuzz. Saw Sham in early
‘78 and again in ’79 and I can’t begin to tell you how great they were live. The ‘78 gig remains one of the best I’ve ever been to. Obviously there were ‘Issues’ surrounding parts of the Sham fan base. But at the time I was far too young too understand or pick up on all that. I just wanted to jump up and down to a punk band……which is what I did!


Longy said...

I agree with you pipeline. Seeing Sham back then was awesome (saw them twice in 78)

Cheers for the Subs one Nuzz (I've got the Sham one surprise surprise)