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Friday, 23 October 2009


What did we make of the BBC BNP Question Time spectacle? The Licence payers early Christmas Present to the BNP, well Nick Griffin was suitably shown up for the sleazy, sweaty, scumbag he is, and making not a lot of sense, he looked awkward and uncomfortable it was hardly a party political broadcast, more a bullshit one. Jack Straw! What a twat, avoided answering anything about any Labour failings, it was voter dissatisfaction that resulted in Nick Griffin being elected as a MEP and hence his appearance on Question Time. I Thought audience and panel did well in haranguing Mr Griffin, true it might have looked like bullying to the less enlightened viewer but it’s the way the BNP operate, will his appearance have gained him more supporters? True it was a London-centric audience, maybe not a true representation of the people on the streets of places like Hull or Burnley, only time will tell, it could also have lost him support. It’s now up to the Anti-Fascists to keep the pressure on, and the media when they’re not stirring up the immigration issue and the other parties to start listening to the people and responding to their concerns, it may get ugly, but nowhere near as ugly as it would if the BNP ever came to power. Lets hope the present they received was a jumper that your Nan knitted.


Anonymous said...

Disappointed that they changed the format of the programme. Had the effect of making Griffin appear ‘Special’. Though I think this was a calculated move on behalf of the BBC/Lib establishment, as they did didn’t want him answering the usual array of questions on issues that effect the Nation, in case, odious as he may be, there was a danger he actually put forward more thought provoking arguments and ideas than the other guests.

His comment about finding Gays kissing as ‘Creepy’ has attracted some media attention. I have encountered that particular comment a number of times over the years from individuals of various walks of life. It struck me as an example of how insidious, and perhaps broader than is generally though, Griffin’s appeal is, or could be. Other than that I didn’t feel I learnt much more about him or the BNP than I already know.

Peter Hain’s constant protestations about the programme this week have been deeply irksome.

Mark said...

I have mixed thoughts about it. On the one hand it looked like a sledgehammer to crack a nut (literally!) with the altered format and overly hostile reaction. On the other hand, Griffin most definitely demonstrated without any prompting that he is a lightweight politician, his views an odd mix of common sense (no more wars), conspiracy theory (holocaust denial), bigoty (comments on gays) and ignorance (no sex education for kids below the age of puberty, "indiginous people" etc)

What was interesting was how jovially he appeared to respond to outright attacks. That reminded me of Boris Johnson. As a Cambridge graduate, perhaps he really is just like the rest, prepared to latch onto whatever political point of view he thinks will further his career. He claims that the party has been moderated but the policy of no platform means I have no idea if that is true.

I'd prefer to have him included in mainstream politics so that he can be constantly and publicly caught out. The public do latch onto politicians who are constantly under fire and automatically turn against them themselves. While the BNP is conducted behind closed doors, all we know is that they are racist. Let's have them properly scrutinised in public so that their flimsy veneer of respectability can be exposed.

A collective old recordings...... said...
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A collective old recordings...... said...

On a lighter note............

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