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Sunday, 11 October 2009

It's Sunday again! Time for another sermon! Same shit! Same day!

To hear the Tory Party say they’re the party of the poor is frankly bizarre but predictable when there are voters to win over. All they have ever done is make the poor poorer or fill their heads with aspirations that are unattainable and unsustainable. A party that represents privilege is never going to understand what it’s like to be poor and what the poor need. They can con them into thinking that they know what will make their lives better, just like they did in the 80’s when the council houses were sold off, and the working class sold out. The ’social breakdown’ we may or may not be living in now is a direct result of this and other Thatcher policies that tore apart values of community and replaced them with the ‘cult of the individual’ Free market economics created wealth for the ‘deserving poor’ and consolidated the wealth of the undeserving rich. The public services became private and standards dropped as profits rose. Everyone was offered shares in the new society. New Labour have just carried on with this ‘mandate’ because the people have been compliant and complicit so long as they’ve got a few quid in their pockets, high interest bank accounts or money tied up in the value of their houses, now when all of a sudden everything has gone bust, they aint happy and will be prepared to vote for whoever and whatever restores their bank balances. The ones that bought into it all are the very same people that are now unhappy with the present situation and the Conservatives are gonna be targeting these voters and gaining support from a new generation to young to remember the Tory party of the past and what it did. All they know is the culture of commodity and the cult of the individual in a disposable world. This is the society their parents voted for. I’ve got one thing to say to these people. Think long and hard, because 30 years ago people voted for ‘change’ now look at how things have changed, for the better? No I didn’t think so, having to work till you’re nearly dead to support the lifestyle choice you are being conned into, just like your parents did way back. What sort of a world do you want your children living in? One where they’re having kids when their 16? and their grandparents get beaten and mugged on the street.
I agree something needs to be done, for example: Labours problem has been that all the money they have put into the public sector has been eaten up by quangos and bureaucracies many well paid jobs have been created in order to manage the services, but the actual public services have suffered as a result of this.
The Tories talk of cuts in public spending, well they would, better than Taxing the rich, after all that’s the sort of party they are; a Conservative party, conserving the values of individual freedoms at the cost of collective liberty.
To quote that old saying “Can a leopard change its spots?” I don’t think so, and I for one aint prepared to take a chance, because it could prove more costly than before. Think about all those new anti-terror laws in place and then remember Thatcher’s velvet glove and iron fist.
It’s all about a view on human nature as to what sort of society we live in; controlled or out of control Just or unjust. Can you have one without the other? Because a just society does not come from an unjust economic system. A controlled economy would infringe on peoples rights to make money is what the Conservatives would say. Fuck ‘em, that’s what I say, since when was it a right to profit from others? since Thatcher that’s when, who’s also responsible for the growth of the Media as a political tool to shape and control the peoples opinion. She made Murdoch the man he is today with the power to sell his media organisations to the highest bidder.
So what do we do about it then when none of the parties offer a total solution. I have no faith in the present political system, never have done. We need one that values and rewards Co-operation and Mutual Aid as much as it does Profit and Property, not one that penalises people like those two police ladies sharing childcare who were told they couldn’t, because the state didn’t allow it. The only way things would ever change would be to take bits of this ism and that ism, put them all together and start shaping them into some new sort of politics. Until then I’ll stick with the new enemy rather than have the old one back, but who ever it is though, it won’t have been my choice!


Anonymous said...

Osborne is the multi-millionaire heir to the Osborne & Little fortune. Cameron, according to one newspaper, is already worth £30 million. 'All in this together'? Dream on.

Colin Todhunter said...

Definitely men of the people, aren't they!? They'll try to convince us, like all the rich and privileged who gain or strive for political power, that their interests are the same as our interests and that we should sacrifice and strive for the 'common good' - the protection and creation of wealth - their wealth.

Lee said...

Back on form Nuzz, good stuff.