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Thursday, 22 October 2009

Mail boxes, Ballot boxes and the BNP at the BBC.

The Christmas Pantomime has started early this year with The Postal Strike; everyone is playing their parts. Unions and management are nailing the lid on the Royal Mail’s coffin while Peter Mandelson stands by rubbing his hands in glee waiting for it’s delivery before he fucks the corpse. Thousands of miles away in Afghanistan they’re gonna have another election, as the results of the first one were declared to be fraudulent. Obama refuses to commit anymore American troops to the theatre until there is some sort of meaningful democracy in the country, double speak for one that the U.S government is happy with. Gordon Brown needs to start British troop withdrawals now, I mean all the terrorists are now in Pakistan anyway and more terror plots have been foiled by security forces at home than they have by bombing the fuck out of Afghanistan, which has just made the situation worse, like they were told it would. Next up on the stage we have BNP leader Nick Griffin appearing on BBC’s Question Time Anti-Fascist groups are playing their part by saying he shouldn’t be allowed to as it legitimises the party and its politics, well unfortunately we are living in a democracy which has allowed and enabled the seeds of fascism to grow through the inactivity of the major parties in addressing and looking for solutions to the issues that the BNP are using to attract voters to their abhorrent political view. Personally at this point in time I think that Griffin should appear on Question Time, lets get this shit out in the open and not have it festering underground. The best way to show people what the BNP are is to show them up for what they are and the only way to do this is through debate, here’s hoping that the rest of the panellists and the audience ask the right questions. Not allowing Nick Griffin to appear would give them just as much publicity. Democracy costs and sometimes the price can be high, it’s all about making sure that people don’t buy into the more unsavoury side of it. There are others speaking out , senior British Army Officials and The British Legion are both unhappy about The British National Party appropriating images such as The Poppy and The Spitfire for their own ends, as I type this protesters have broken into the BBC to try and stop Griffins appearance. Let the show begin, and be prepared for an epic one, cos the curtain aint gonna go down before the election next year, wonder if there’ll be any postal voting?

1 comment:

Longy said...

Well what did you learn from Question Time then Nuzz? I learned it wasn't Newsnight :-)

Good viewing actually and Griffin did himself no favours as expected. The radio 5 phone in afterwards was alot more worrying with even some policitians giving him sympathy saying he was bullied on the programme. What did they expect?