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Thursday, 22 October 2009

UK SUBS - Warhead

Time for some muzak, here’s another one of those cheap and chearful Harry May Record Company compilations, same deal; some studio cuts and some live shit. This time it’s those perennial punks the UK Subs, all the classics are here: Warhead , CID, Stranglehold etc. No self respecting record collection should be without at least one UK Subs release. Whether this one is the one, I dunno I’ll let you good folk be the judges of that. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nuzz the Prowlin' Howler you really know what a guy needs. Even tho' I saw 'em once I never had their stuff 'cus my buddy Skip did. But this should start me along with that "Blue" LP or whatever.
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planckzoo said...

Thanks for posting this. I have it somewhere in my collection, I will have to find it! I really like the Subs,the first few lps are killers

Harry The Bastard said...

Nuzz, c'est moi, Harry Le Bastrd

Never liked the Subs, but you gotta admire Harpers longevity, seems as though his helped a mate of mine and his band over the years

For that Chaz I applaud you, apologies for the tirade I launched on you at the Ballroom all those years ago, doubt you remember, however I do due to the fact I got battered by some NF scumbags that same night on the tube on the way home