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Sunday, 18 October 2009

English Defence League?!

The English Defence League! What do we make of these characters? A single issue group of people who’s objective is to “Peacefully protest against millitant Islam“ Why then have all their demonstrations ended in violence? Before I answer this lets look at a couple of things.
Muslims across Britain are not happy with radicals operating within their communities, and the bodies of British soldiers are still being flown home in boxes as a result of ‘the war on terror’, so then is it any surprise that some people feel resentful and angry when messages of hate are continued to be preached in our green and unpleasant lands. But lets not get seduced by this and the message on the EDL website that claims they don’t want “Innocent Muslims being victimised and abused”
There was a recent news report were the EDL denied that they were Racists and had anything to do with the BNP, well they aint exactly gonna admit to it are they. A group of EDL members were shown, all dressed in balaclavas burning a Swastika, while standing in front of their banner that read “English Defence League. Black and White Unite” A reasonable statement? or the start of something wicked? Especially in the light of the recent Court ruling that has compelled the BNP to look at their membership criteria, as legaly they have been defined a racist party for not exepting members with a different skin colour who’s nationality is British.
Groups like the EDL spring up when politics are in crisis and people are dissatisfied with a system that they feel doesn’t listen to their views, they look for alternatives to fill this vaccum and it’s easy for people to get seduced by the spin, but Lest we forget that “First they came for the gypsies and then they came for the Jews” The anti racist groups know this, which is why all the EDL marches have ended in violence. Paranoia is awareness but violence breeds violence.


Six Alexanders said...

With thanks to the freedictionary.com

Of, relating to, or characteristic of England or its people or culture.

resistance against danger, attack, or harm; protection.

a group of persons, states, or other organizations with a common interest.

So why... do they look like,albeit from photos, the National Front?

I am getting deja vu, todays political climate is very late 1970s. I`ll be walking to Victoria Park again before i know it

Anonymous said...

i dont think they are racist as they do have members from all races and religions.as for violence following were they go its normally from the uaf who i remeber allyways being violent from my punk gigging days.i thought everybody was against muslim terror and hate speech.islam is not a race its like saying your a racist if you dont like christians or comunists.anyway time will tell.